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TOP Zerenda hotels

Zerenda lake is amazing in beauty, always fascinated visitors and tourists. Zerenda is located 50 km from the city of Kokshetau.Zerenda natural oasis, blue tops of mountains, emerald-green carpet of the wood stretched on many tens of kilometers appears at you in all photogenic beauty.
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TOP Burabay Hotels

Burabay pine forest is good at any time, in every weather. In winter the pine forest is covered with white snow, in summer – a light wind blows up the aromatic resinous waves, in autumn – the forest smells the peculiar air, a mixture of wet pine rind with mushrooms and herbs. Burabay is a resort, known far beyond Kazakhstan, rich in health centers, which are involved in climalology treatment and treatment by cumus (horse’s milk).
The Best Hotels located in the Schuchinsk-Burabay resort area are listed below.


TOP Kokshetau hotels

Kokshetau located on the shores of Kopa Lake. Kokshetau is the center of the Akmola region. City was founded in 1824. Near the town is «Kokshetau” national natural park, which was formed in 1996.
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