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Our health-improving complex has existed for more than 50 years.

This is a long time and its anniversary health-improving complex “Okzhetpes” meets with dignity. Starting its history back in 1964, with a three-story building with rooms without any amenities … and look now. We have to agree that a lot has been done. New medical buildings, residential buildings for employees, the complex is now equipped with the most modern and effective medical equipment. Recognition of the successful work of health-improving complex and its employees is international awards, for the success achieved by organization. We have something to be proud of now, and there is something to strive for further.

The main advantage of health-improving complex “Okzhetpes” is its location in the heart of the pearl of Kazakhstan – Burabay, on the shore of the most beautiful lakes of Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort zone. Nearby there are unique natural attractions – fairy-tale rocks Okzhetpes and Zhumbaktas. In a three-minute walk along the dense pine forest lies the legendary glade of Abylai-khan.

The main tasks of health-improving complex “Okzhetpes” are the provision of medical and therapeutic and health services for all citizens and visitors of our Republic wishing to visit our fertile, historically picturesque terrain.

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