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8000 tg
seen 1290

Guest house IE Tuspekova “Korgalzhynskaya Ecological Observatory”
IE Tuspekova on the property right has a Guest House to accommodate the ornithological center.
12 rooms with a capacity of 40 people; catering for 40 people, halls and territory for training.
On the territory there is a “rope” amusement Park for extreme recreation and training.
The project involves creating a center for the development of mass culture of communication with nature, teaching children to interact with nature through contacts, and observing the unique diversity of birds in Kazakhstan.

The goal of the project is to arouse interest in ornithology, create conditions for obtaining knowledge: for example, a laboratory in Astana will provide information about the diversity of birds in Kazakhstan, travel opportunities for their observation, and an ornithological center in the village of Korgalzhyn, will allow you to study birds in the area of the Korgalzhyn nature reserve in natural conditions

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