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Zerenda village is situated in 40 km from Kokshetau. Zerenda is a large part of territory, standing out with its mountains and bald peaks, covered with forests, with its small lakes and rivers, located on Kokshetau uplands. This area is characterized with its relative plains, surmounted with separate bald peaks and mountain systems. In some places the plains cross with the river-valleys, often intruding in their beds of deep canyons. Millions of years ago a wind, rain, frost and heat “hosted” here. Once the high mountains settled, cracked, crumbled. And now they look low, but very gentle, beautiful and attractive. Even from a distance at the entrance to Zerenda it is possible to see its bluish peaks. Blue peaks of mountains, emerald green carpet of forest stretching for dozens of kilometers are the parts of Zerenda natural oasis.
Zerenda is a lake of huge sizes of tectonic origin. Lake Zerenda characterizes with high position above sea level (370 m), there is little indented coastline with beautiful beaches and rarely standing on them with lonely trees, mainly pine. The lake bottom is flat, sandy, sometimes covered with pebbles and boulders individual. The length of lake is 7 km, the depth is 6 km. The lake water is fresh, clear, summer water temperature reaches 24 degrees Celsius. There are fishes such as rudd, ruffe, perch in a lake. Also there are bred peled, ripus, and mirror carp farm here. Zerenda is considered as one of the most beautiful lakes in this region. Zerenda – is not just decoration of nature, but also a favorite place.

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