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The Okzhetpes rock is the highest peak of the Kokshetau Upland. It is surrounded by magnificent nature, birches, pine trees and granite rocks. All this attracts and fascinates tourists. Okzhetpes is well visible from the shore of Lake Auliekol. People have legends on the origin of the rock. Shokan Ualikhanov composed more than 15 legends about this rock. Saken Seifullin in his lyrical poem Kokshetau describing Okzhetpes rock, wrote the tragic fate of the Kalmyk beauty.

In those days, when the Kazakh and Kalmyk fought, the war encouraged the soldiers, and campaigns and glory gave the military spirit. And one day Khan Abylai gained a crushing victory over Kalmyks and returned with a large prey from the campaign to his native lands. Stopping on one high rock, Abylai decided to share all the trophies captured in the battle between the soldiers of the victorious campaign. But nevertheless he noticed that a dispute arose between them. The reason was the Kalmyk captive. The protracted dispute between the soldiers puzzled Khan Abylai and he suggested to the captive herself to determine the worthy, «Beauty! Before you stand my brave, fearless warriors. Everyone deserves the role of husband, so I honor you with the right to choose your chosen one. «Fragile like a Kalmyk child she raised her fathomless eyes and replied. «Great Khan, thank you for honor of choosing myself. Let my choice be the most respected man. Let my white handkerchief hang on top of the rock. Whose arrow will reach the top of the mountain I will marry!» Khan hung his white handkerchief to the top to fulfill his promise. The brave girl asked permission to watch the competition at the top of the mountain and climbed there. The Dzhigits fired arrows from their bows, but none reached the top of the rock and touched the white kerchief. The girl, which lost her lover, rushed from the top of the mountain cliff into the waters of the blue gulf of Lake Auliekol. Since then, the people called this peak Okzhetpes.

According to the famous writer Tursyn Zhurtbai. a girl who fled with Okzhetpes is a Karakalpak prisoner of Kalmyks. She could not stand such a fate and decided to do such a desperate step.

Majestic “Okzhetpes” rock (in Russian – an arrow cannot reach) is one of the most well-known attractions of Burabay resort area. Its height no more than 300 metres above sea level. It is a decoration of Auliyekol Lake (Borovoye). According to evidences, there are more than 16 legends and stories about this mountain. The poet, statesman Saken Seifullin in his well-known poem Kokshetau turned to these vivifying sources of folk art and gave a special meaning, special sound for them. The great poet of the Kazakh people, expertly wielding with the word, could correctly, ably to give an essence of the legend of Okzhetpes. And this legend became a symbol of love and fidelity, honor and dignity of women. There are 3 legends about Okzhetpes rock are most popular among people.

1.The Great Steppe was always in danger of a big and small Mongols, Jungars, Kalmyks raids. Its enemies were ruthless: they were pillaging villages, reiving cattle, killing men and children, taking women and girls as a prisoners, taking them away into slavery …
Formidable khan of the Orta Juz – Abylai often punished offenders, gave them to understand that encroachment on the Great Steppe, on its people cannot be unpunished. And he revenged especially zealous, restless, angry ones…

Once Abylai won a crushing victory over the Kalmyks and returned with a big booty from campaign to their homes. In the shadow of one of the lakeside cliffs Abylai decided to share all mined in the battle trophies between members of a victorious campaign. Everyone received and remained pleased. There was only one question to decide: whom to give captive-young beauty Kalmyk? Too many of the warriors wanted to see her as their wife. But Kalmyk categorically refused on each proposal.

The protracted dispute between the warriors competing for the hand and heart of the beautiful-Kalmyk puzzled Abylaj khan. To avoid the hurt of anyone of his brave warriors and captivity of the beautiful Kalmyk, he offered to find a worthy by herself. The beautiful Kalmyk tuned in to sage advice of Abylai. To solve the dispute between warriors she decided by herself. She climbed on the top of the mountain, on the foot of which were the warriors, fixed her white kerchief on the top and said:
– Shoot, djigits! Whose arrow will achieve the top of the mountain so that man will be my husband!..
Djigits competed a long time, many arrows were fired from their bows, but none of them did not reach to the top of the rock, not to mention how to touch with their sharp sting the white kerchief.

Abylai became in a rage with his inefficient warriors and ordered her to descend from the stone rock′s top. But the beautiful Kalmyk disobeyed a formidable khan Abylai and behaved against of his will. She understood full well that only on the top of the mountain cliff she is free. If she will descend to the place of angry and cruel-hearted khan, she will lose the freedom. At best she will be the concubine or the wife of the unloved man. Neither one nor the other went against her grain. So she decided on a last, desperate step in her young life – threw herself down into the waters of Blue Bay of Auliekol Lake (Borovoye) …

So the young beauty Kalmyk dead. She defied khan and everyone who wanted to see her as wife. Girl′s honor, dignity and pride were the most important things to her. It is possible to forget about this story about unruly, wayward, freedom-beauty-Kalmyk by the time, apart from unexpected happened: at the place of her fall, on the lake surface of the Blue gulf the Zhumbaktas- mysterious rock (or often named Sphinks) was appeared.

On looking at the rock each person see its own picture. Mostly she seems to be a tired, thoughtful old woman, or a young purposeful girl… Some people associate this face of the rock with no young or old woman, and consider it a symbol of rushed, restless women′s soul. And this, if follow the legend, is closer to the action of proud Kalmyk, closer to reality, to the truth of life. However, this is only a guess, and not a statement… If you look closely from the lake side at the ear of “Elephant”, you will see a full-length standing female holding a handkerchief in his hand.

2.This was a very long time ago. Near the Borovoye lake there once lived a wealthy Buy( rich man). He had quite enough of everything. But above all his wealth he treasured his only daughter, a beautiful girl. He loved her, fulfilling her every wish. Contrary to the prevailing customs and traditions of the time, he refused to give her in marriage, no matter what dowry he was offered for her. His only desire was happiness of his daughter and he allowed her to choose a husband, who would be best beloved by her heart and soul.

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