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State National Natural Park “Burabay” was founded in August, 2000 and is under the jurisdiction of the president.
The territory of the “Burabay” is a part of Kokshetau steppe, mixed and low highland.

The climate is a drastic continental with a hot summer and severe winter frosts.

The relief of the territory is mainly lowland with low mountains and hills.

About 14 lakes the area 1-2 sq. km. each and a number of smaller lakes are on the territory of the park. The most big of the lakes are Bolshoye Chebachye (25.2 sq. km), Maloye Chebachye (21 sq. km.) Shuchye (18.3 sq. km.) and Borovoye (10.5 sq. km.) River network is represented by smaller rivers, ponds and temporary waterways.

Flora is represented by the forests, steppe, glade, boggy classes growing mostly in the salt soil (about 800 species)
There are 305 species of vertebral (36% of the entire fauna of Kazakhstan).

The exclusive climate of the territory promoted the development of in-patient rest and treatment and tourism.

According to the N12 Minister Council of the Kazakh SSR (11.07.71) the main territory of the park was made a part of the Shuchinsk-Borovskaya health resort zone.

In 1993 on the territory of “Borovoye” there were 35 institutions of in-patient treatment with 7625 places, 4010 the whole-year, 5 sanatoriums, 10 health centers , 2 boarding houses, 2 health resorts, and 16 pioneer camps. These institutions occupy 610 hectares on the whole.

The treatment uses curative mud and mineral waters of lake Maybaylyk and Sinegorskoye chloride-sulfide water field

site: http://parkburabay.kz/

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