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The cave is located in the southern bank of Lake Burabay, in Akmola region. It appeared from the remains of granite and is on a low peak. The height of the entrance is 3 meters. It consists of two parts. The parts are connected with one narrow passage. The exit is in the second passage. The cave has a form of a circle of diameter 5-6 m, height 1-3 meters. Kenesary’s Cave is one of the tourist places in the resort Burabay.

In 1822-1824, the emperor signed the decree over the Middle and Junior Zhuzes, which violated the rights of the Kazakh nation. According the decree in Kazakh territory started new era of ruling. There occurred foreign, district and state managing departments. Strangers took away the noble land and built military fortresses there.

The rebellion for freedom of Kenesary Kasymov lasted for 10 years from 1837 to 1847. The Junior Zhuz did not support the uprising. According to Khalel Dosmukhambetov, «In the era of Kenesary the Junior Zhuz disappointed khans by not helping them». The descendants of the Tore and the sultans, who wanted to ascend to the throne, were the cause of enmity within the Kazakhs and the collapse of the nation.

The first doctor of historical sciences Yermukhan Bekmakhanov has written a book about the sultans and real causes of the uprising. For revealing these stories, he was charged and convicted. This can be read in the biographical novel Yermukhan Bekmakhanov written by Medeu Sarseken.

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