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From the North to South at the crossing of Nazarbayev and Abylai Khan Avenues placed Macktay mount – the favorite place of local citizens. That crossing of two streets named earlier is closed by river Kylchacty. The mount created by human, which looks just like the Okzhetpes in Burabay is perfectly matched with the environment around. You will easily appear next to the legendary peak of the mountain without even going through a long distance for eighty kilometres. Our small Okzhetpes. These are the same shale stones from Burabay, that wonderfully painted that patterns. The vast, spreading beautiful landscape is called by locals as sandyktas. These stones with rounded edges are safely made for the movement around.

The mount was built in the mid of 80’s, when Macktay Sagdiev served as the first Secretary of the regional committee of Kokshetau. Despite the lack of an official name, locals call this monument exactly the same. These rare round edged stones were brought from the Koshkarbay village. Well, this is the small history that lies behind the pride of Koksheau citizens- mount Macktay.

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