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The grave of akan’s beloved sera aktokta is located in the village of Kyzylagash in the Zerendinsky district. Akan sery (Akzhigit)-famous in the Kazakh steppe singer-akyn, composer. A man who dedicated his life to the art of singing. He sang of love, of life, of the joys of being, of earthly happiness. The fame of it, growing in legends, spread across the great steppe. His constant participation in festivals and competitions secured for him the prefix – sery (letters, “steppe bard”, “favorite of the people”). Your life path is akin began in 1843 on the shores of lake Koskol Shalkar parish of the Kokcha – stavskogo County. Statuesque handsome, talented singer rode on the steppe, delighting the people with his creativity. Once a young akan sera went on a long trip to the auls of the Younger Zhuz. Faced with the beautiful aktokty, the poet passionately in love with her. But the girl has long been betrothed and lovers, according to the laws of the steppe, were not destined to be together. Perhaps this is why the theme of love occupies a special place in his work. Widely known for such songs of love lyrics bard like “AK kilik”, “aktokty”, “Altibase”, etc. His beloved aktokty akan sulphur has devoted a number of songs: “Actokine Azshara”, “Adactyly Zara” (“Look aktokty”, “Crying aktokty”), filled with light sadness and the sadness of eternal love. Image aktokty embodied in the songs of the bard, dedicated to the great power of love. The fate of the poet and his tragic love inspired the creation of literary, dramatic and musical images. Kazakh writer Gabit Musrepov in his story “akan sery – aktokty” tells about the love of two times-born, about the tragic fate of the poet. Later, based on his story, G. Musrepov wrote a play “The tragedy of the poet”, and the famous composer S. Mukhamedzhanov created the Opera “akan sery – aktokty”

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