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The narrator Umbetei was born in the war years in 1706, in the vicinity of the Karatau Mountains in the South Kazakhstan region. Mentor of the future narrator in life and art was his father Tileu. Umbetei became famous as a skilled chronicler, akyn, kobyz performer and, according to legends, had the gift of divination.

In campaigns zhyrau Umbetov was the faithful companion of his brother, a prominent commander Batyr Bogenbai.

All his life he was in the thick of the struggle of the Kazakh people against the Dzungarian invasion, sang the feats of his contemporaries, historical events. In the legends, the akyn sang the exploits of the batyrs of Bogenbai, Karakerey Kabanbay, Zhanibek, Bayan and other prominent batyrs of the time of Abylay. Umbetei was a bold and sharp-tongued narrator. Popular songs and legends Umbeteya allowed to keep a significant part of his heritage to the present day. His story “On the death of Bogenbay”, which tells about the figures and political events of that time, is widely known. In the verses of the song-crying for the deceased Kanzygaly Bogenbai, the high artistic level of Umbetei’s works is well traced.

Akin Amanzhol Alzhanuly, performer of works of Umbetei, put Umbetei’s legacy on paper and handed over his notes to the Mukhtar Auezov Institute of Literature and Art of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. Proceedings of the poet, including songs Umbeteya, published in the collection “Bes ғasyr zhyrlaydy”.

Umbetey Tileuly buried 15 km from the station Korzhynkol Ereymentau district.

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