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Mazar of Tirzhan Kaji located in Zerenda district near Baiterek village. He was born in 1855 in a place near the fertile spring Tasbulak (later called Tirzhan village) near Zerenda(with Mong. “zern” – “saiga”), Zerenda – one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. At birth, Titzhan was given the name Amre. Since childhood, boy was quick and very smart, early began to delve into the Affairs of adults and soon became famous. He was distinguished by perseverance and hard work, humanity, which allowed him to surround himself with outstanding contemporaries. In 2013, Ilya Zhakanov, a well-known art historian, composer and writer, wrote in his book “Adam” : “Akan sere together with his son, going round the mountain Zhylandy, came to the village of Tirana tell. Here he spent a few carefree, fun days with people who loved and appreciated him and performed his songs.”His famous “Baladia” was also performed during this visit. Hospitable and generous Tirzhan, the owner of a considerable fortune, closely interacted with the outstanding people of his time: Biy Tynymbek and Shakey, Akan sery, Ukili Ybray, Nahan Hazret, famous Bay Aznabay, Nygmetzhan, Tashen, shared bread and salt with the best of his contemporaries, supporting them in every possible way.

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