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From the letter of CH. Valikhanov knows that Abylai Khan had 12 wives. Abylai was married to girls from different Nations. Among them were Karakalpak, Uzbek, Kalmyk and Kyrgyz. Abylai had thirty sons and forty daughters. With the help of marriage agreements, Abylai Khan managed to establish good-neighborly relations with his neighbors. But Abylai Khan showed a special attitude to Ores Khanym. According to the legend, when going on a regular military campaign, Abylai Khan always took Ores Khanym with him. The writer and scientist Zhaiyk Bekturov writes in his works: “From the memories of the older generation of the village of Uryupinka:” one day Abylai Khan, going to Turkestan with his soldiers, orders to stop at the Talkara river, located in the area of Dongelekkau. Local residents traditionally invite Abylai Khan to visit. Near the village there is a large, so-called black road leading to the village of Kyzylzhar. Sometimes people call it the black road of Khan Abylai. According to the legend, before proceeding further, Abylai Khan orders to summon the shaman Shaiki-Burki. To the Khan’s question, “What will the future hold for me?” the latter replied, “O great Khan! Your beloved wife will soon die, and you must bury her here, in this place.” But the Khan paid no attention to his words and set out along this road. However, before 20 km has passed, Ores Khanym dies. Then the Khan remembers the words of the healer, returns to the place and buries her in the place that the shaman pointed out to him. Since this place is called “Xanim Sieg” (the remains of Queen). From the words of the bard Karaula, “along the road graves of Ores Khanum, there is a road called “Angelikka”. In 1896 on the site of Dongeleksor settled settlers, founding a village Uryupino.

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