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Nauryzbai Talassov (1843-1916) historically known as Nauan Hazret.

Nauryzbai Talassov, a famous theologian scientist who lived in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, promoted the spread of Islam in the North Kazakhstan region. To pronounce the name of the imam, whom the people revered as NauanHazret, was problematic during the Soviet rule. A. Bukeikhanov, M. Zhumabayev and M. Serdalin in their works introduced him as a great scientist and wise man. However, it is known that these works have reached people only after independence. Among modern scholars, there is no fading interest in the personality of Nauan Hazret.

NauryzbaiTalassov was born in 1843 in the village of Baratay, Zerendy district of the Akmola region. After gaining knowledge in a rural school, his father has sent Nauan to madrasah in Kyzylzhar. After graduating from madrasah in Kyzylzhar, he is sent to Bukhara madrasah, which at that time was considered the center of religious sciences. Before leaving for study, he arrives at home and gives impetus to the opening of the mosque in the area of Beskaragai near Baratay, and for several years remains there as an imam.

The passion for knowledge makes him accu­mulate money and follow the caravan to Bukhara in search of knowledge. Nauryzbai, who studied at the madrasah in Bukhara for 15 years, studied rich literature and oriental philosophy, as well as ancient Turkic, Persian, Arabic, Uzbek and Tatar languages. The scholars of the madrasah, who liked Nauan’s abilities, sent him to improve his education in Baghdad, the center of Muslim science and education, and after his return he became a teacher in a madrasah in Bukhara.

From this record, the teaching activity of HazretNauan in Bukhara was not a long one, noting the absence of an educated imam who will preach Islam in Northern Kazakhstan, the Muslims of Kokshetau send him a special delegate and brought him to Kazakhstan. In 1886, Nauanwas appointed imam to the Kokshetau Mosque at the request of the majority. Nauan is not just a mullah who preached the religion of Islam, but also organized the national liberation uprising for the benefit of his people and country. His work means edification for the past generation and an example for the current generation.

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