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In the Zerendinsky district of the Aqmola region, in the village of Molodezhnoye, there is a burial place of Montay Batyr – a brave warrior who fought against the invaders. Montai Batyr, according to legend, a sharpshooter, heroically defended his homeland, was a loyal companion of the great Abylai Khan. There are many legends about his courage. Montay Batyr participated in many battles against the Dzungars, leading detachments of up to 200 people. The warrior shared with abylaya Khan all the hardships and hardships of the war and more than once raised the heroic spirit of the soldiers by his example. Abylai Khan highly valued and respected Montai, paid him honors. In one of the fierce battles, Montai is killed. After learning of his death, his colleague Olzhabay Batyr avenged the death of his comrade.

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