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Many people know the love story of the Russian girl Maria, born in 1899, and the Kazakh guy Duysen. Parents of the young strongly interfered with their connection. Not wanting to marry the unloved, Maria escapes with her lover, where, according to legend, was born the famous song-declaration – “Dudaray”, which is sung about the love of a Russian girl to the Kazakh dzhigit Duysen, about the power of feelings that are not considered with national and religious prejudices. The name of the song comes from the affectionate treatment of the girl to the dzhigit, as in Kazakh “Dudar” — curly, that’s what Maria called her Duysen. The young suffered deprivation, lived near the river, found shelter in coastal reeds. And Duysen’s parents ‘ heart faltered. Young returned home and got married. But their happiness was short-lived. Soon after the wedding, Duysen was called to serve in the Royal army, where he was struck by consumption. A tall handsome man died. The inconsolable widow was only 18 years old. The time has gone. Mariya married another man, gave birth to four children. Her husband was a good man, with a good heart and loved her very much. Most of the life Mariam apay had lived in the village Kenbidayik of Korgalzhyn district. Musicians, singers and akyns still visit this place in order to take the talent of Maria Rekina’s singing. During the Great Patriotic War, Mariam apay has dedicated her poems to her countrymen, departing for the front. After the war, she was awarded the title “Honored artist of the Kazakh SSR.” Song-declaration of M. Rekina – “Dudaray”, inspired by love, is widely known among the people.

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