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Kiikbay batyr is a participant of the Kazakh-Dzungarian wars, about the feats of which the legends passed from mouth to mouth were preserved, they were carefully stored in the people’s memory. The burial place of the fearless warrior who died at the hands of the Dzungarian invaders is located near the village of Sergeyevka in the Atbasar district. Nearby is a hill, called “Kiikbay adyry”. The monument is in a dilapidated condition. Currently, only the front part of the round mausoleum is preserved, the opposite wall is destroyed and littered with ruins. A small contour of an elongated dome-shaped form is clearly visible in the through opening. At the end of the XX century on the hill “Kiikbay adyry” a new mausoleum was installed. The walls of the modern building are made of stones imitating a medieval monument. The upper part is half open, with five metal poles, forming a broad dome, the symbolic crescent moon completes the design and a commemorative plaque says: ” Kiikbay batyr Baikarauly lived in 1693-1741″.

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