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Kazy Batyr – a man of gigantic strength, a brave warrior, was a well-known associate of Abylai Khan, Er Kabanbai and Bukhar Zhyrau, together with whom he took part in the fight against the Dzungarian invaders. In 1750, the Dzungars made another attempt to capture the Kazakh land, making a RAID. They captured a large number of livestock and property. Given the difficult situation, Abylai Khan convokes a military Council, where all the famous batyrs are invited. At the Council, it was decided to unite all forces and fight back against the enemy. Soon the combined forces were able to suppress the enemy. Kazy Batyr also managed to prove himself very well in this battle. Thanks to his courage and heroism in the fight against the Dzungars, he is gaining popularity among the people. Strength and courage helped Kazy Batyr to win many battles. After another victory over the Kalmyks near the present village of Uryupinka, he decided to settle in these regions. “This will be my home,” the Batyr said and marked a place on the ground with his saber. The others supported him. Since then, the famous Batyr fell in love with this place, here he practiced the art of war, taught boys to ride, be resilient in the face of the enemy and give them a rebuff. In one of the battles, Kazy Batyr heroically dies, but the cause of protecting the Fatherland from the enemy is picked up by his younger brother Noyan, who is shoulder to shoulder with Kazy Batyr. On the day of Batyr’s death, there was a strong snowstorm. Therefore, it was impossible to deliver the body of Batyr to Turkestan for burial, and it was decided to bury the body of Kazy Batyr in his favorite place, 2 km West of the village of Uryupinka in Akkol district. Today, this area is a place of pilgrimage for many people who come to pay their respects and pray for the great son of the Kazakh steppe.

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