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The last resting place of Kalak Batyr is located in the area of Aigyrzhal near Kalak mountain, near the village of Kusep in the Zerendinsky district. Now it is one of the most sacred and sacred places in the region. In the Kusep aul district, a tombstone in honor of Kalak Batyr was installed on the high ground of Aktobe. Reliable information about the years of birth and death of Kalak Batyr has been lost. It is known that the future Batyr was born in the vicinity of Yesil, in the town of Kerege-Tas between the present Atbasar and Sandyktau districts. Kalak Batyr proved himself in the battle against the Dzungars, bravely defending the borders of his homeland. He took part in the very first battle against the Dzungars. Despite the numerical advantage of the enemy, thanks to the coordinated actions and military strategy of Kalak Batyr, his army was able to resist the enemy. After this battle, the name of Kalak Batyr became known throughout the Kazakh steppe. According to legend, Batyr Kalak showed courage and bravery in the battle with the Dzungarian invaders at the foot of the Alatau mountains.

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