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A well-known expert on steppe law of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Duysenby, Esenberlin’s son, was born near the village of koshkarbay in Zerendinsky district of Akmola region. After his father’s death, his further upbringing was handled by Maila’s uncle. Even in his youth, he received a blessing from the biys known in the steppe. According to legend, Kazybek bi and Kanai bi played a major role in the formation of Duysen bi, from whom He received lessons in life wisdom. A born diplomat and orator, Duysen bi advocated peace and unity of the three zhuzes. When solving complex cases, he solved them with a sense of justice. During the invasion, Dzungar called for persistent resistance and proved himself as a statesman and political figure. A supporter of Abylay Khan, Duisenbi manifests itself as a talented and resolute politician. He was able to easily find solutions in difficult situations, gave wise advice, and was a talented commander. In many songs of Ukili Ybyrai, the role and significance of Duysen bi is particularly noted.

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