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Monument Balkadisha installed in 2015 at the entrance to the  Zerenda village, and the grave Bakadeshi located on a Muslim cemetery C. Kenetkol Zerenda district. According to the legend, once in the village of Musa Montai, near the mountain of Zhylandy, in the Zerendinsky district, a large concert was given on the occasion of the birth of a long-awaited child. The venerable elder akan sery (Akzhigit) was invited to the feast. Despite the hospitality of the hosts, no one wanted to sit next to the famous singer Akan sera, who was sitting in the place of honor. At that time, there were rumors that akan sera went mad and married peri (a mythical creature in the form of a beautiful maiden). And only the beautiful Kadisha, the daughter of a hospitable host, gifted not only with external beauty, but also with spiritual sensitivity, seeing the depressed state of the famous steppe bard and deciding to support the poet, with the words:” a famous akyn has arrived in our village, why don’t we compose a new song together ” sat down next to him. The girl so impressed the poet with her wisdom and good manners that the touched poet immediately dedicated poems to her and performed them on dombra. The song “Balkadisha” was so soulful and melodic that touched the very depths of the soul of everyone who heard it. In 1988, the famous scientist-art critic, collector of Kazakh musical folklore Kairolla Zhuzbasov collected 3 versions of the song “Balkadisha” and prepared their texts for publication. Versions of the song in which Kadisha is married to an old man were composed by other authors and have nothing to do with reality. The heroine of the song Kadisha married for love to a peer and was a happy mother of a large family, she had five children. Kadisha died in 1953 at an advanced age

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