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The memorial complex is located near the Koyandy village in Tselinograd district of Aqmola region. Istambay Cerbaiola (1836-1916)- Kazakh national poet, Sal-sulfur. Azdembay Sal was born in Teke village in Sherbakul district of Aqmola region in the XIX century near Akmolinsk (Karaotkel). The people of Ademba called Sal. Istambay Sal was one of the famous akyns Arches, masterfully improvised. His teachers, he believed the Baluan Sholak, singers Gaziza, Zhayau Musa. The ancestors of Ademba fat was the sage Ashanti and sage Saurik. Grandfather of Ansari and father Koterba bard sings in his songs. A number of researchers have collected a significant Fund of his works. Boztay Zhakypbayev collected the legacy of Azdembay Sala and transferred it to the manuscript Fund of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR in 1946. The collector Shezhire Zhumatai madiev (1923-1967) in 1961 transferred the manuscript heritage of Azdembay to the Foundation. In 1947, the volume of the material was 45 pages, or 2801 lines of poetic text.

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