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Kylyshbay Aulie (1846-1905) – great-nephew of Zhekebatyr, one of the leaders of the Kasymov Kenesary. The place of his burial is 18 km from the village of Terisakkan and 10 km from the Tersakan river in Zhaksyn district of Akmola region. Kylyshbay, according to legend, was a very modest man. It is known that he had 5 sons. Among the people, Kylyshbay was revered as a Saint who was able to heal people from various ailments. He helped the destitute, the sick,and the homeless. He also defended the rights of people from unfair decisions of biys. During the life of Kylyshbay in the area of Terisakkan, according to stories about him, there were more than 30 authoritative imams, among whom he was considered the most respected and revered. They say that during the development of virgin land, tractor drivers could not plow the land next to the burial of Kylyshbay, and the sown wheat did not germinate. And then people remembered the Saint, his kindness and honesty. Now his mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage.

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