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Zerendinsky district is rich in famous and respected people, one of whom was ASAT Alpysuly. He was born in the steppe in 1827 near the village of Karashilik (now Kishitukti forestry). ASAT died in 1875. ASAT was born with the gift of a diplomat, able to solve the most difficult conflict situations in one word. He became famous among the people for his impassioned judging of quarrels and dissensions, his judicious mind, resourcefulness, and clear judgments. Based on historical facts, the researchers found that the judging of Kazakh biys included discussing the case in public, which aroused the confidence of the common people. There are historical tales about ASAT Alpicola. Among people are widespread Proverbs, sayings and cautionary words of ASAT Alpicola. In addition to the talent of the orator and lawyer, AST Alpicola proved himself as a gifted architect. The local population still keeps a lot of historical stories about ASAT ATA, some of which are related to the era of settlers. So, they tell about the meeting of the Omsk Governor, who came to Kazakhstan to develop land and open villages for migrants. During the negotiations, ASAT Alpysuly forced the Russian Governor to recognize the influence of biys and elders among the people on a par with the highest nobility. Residents of the entire region come to the burial site of the great Biya as a sign of memory and gratitude. A stream near the village of Karashilik in the Zerendinsky district is named after ASAT ATA.

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