Kosbatyr-Kumai memorial complex
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The new discoveries of the unrivaled Turkic heritage include the monuments of the Kumai archaeological and ethnographic complex, located in a direct closeness of the capital of the country – Astana. 120 km to the east. As part of the Kumai

complex, a series of reference monuments were discovered, relating to different periods of development of the culture of the population of Kazakhstan The peculiarity of the monuments is the localization of different sites in the valley of the Kumai

River, in close proximity to each other. The natural feature of the region, expressively deposited in the microtoponyms of the area, reflects the historically formed idea of the sacredness of the Turkic land: Kumay, Ershory, Zhaushoky, Kosbatyr, Auliebulak.

The Turkic heritage surprises with the preservation of ritual constructions and stone sculptures, tribal tamgas (tribal mark) carved on the walls of fences. The statues, installed on the eastern side of the ritual fences, carved in the traditional Turkic style, with observance of the characteristic features of portraits of outstanding images of people, were in a pristine place, at a stage they were studied and restored. Documentation of all open monuments, registration to a public institution for the preservation and use of historical and cultural heritage was made. A lot of work is ahead for comprehensive scientific study and analytical interpretation of the materials of monuments in the general context of the development of cultures of the Turkic peoples of Eurasia.

The monuments of the Kumai Valley will serve as evidence of the centuries-old history of the Turkic peoples. The sacred territory with a high concentration of memorials of various epochs, covering the periods of four thousand years of history, since the Bronze Age and the subsequent milestones in the development of the culture of the Saks, Huns, Oghuz Turks amaze with the richness of the heritage on this land.

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