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The mausoleum of Aliptomar is a monument of the XIX-XX centuries. We recorded its history from the words of N.V. Shivrina, an employee of the local history museum of the Akmola region. She heard the legend of a mausoleum from the lips of a resident of the village of Abai, Zhaken Kambaruly, who was already over seventy years old.

In the colonial period of the history of Kazakhstan, the tsarist government pursued a tough policy towards the Kazakh steppe, which for centuries adhered to Islam, but the people continued to strictly adhere to their religion, with great responsibility performing all religious rituals.

At that time, in the present land of Kyzylzhar, there lived a devotee of his religion, a wealthy man named Aliptomar. One of the five pillars of Islam is the debt of the Muslim – the Hajj to Mecca. Aliptomar decided on a six-month road, said goodbye to all his relatives and close people, got ready to go, taking one son with him. On the way, on the fifth day of Takua, Aliptomar fell ill and died in this area, where the village of Abai.

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