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According to folk tales, Kanykey Mazar was built during the Kazakh-Dzhungar wars, in the XVII century. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the place Orkendeu in the Korgalzhyn district was considered a border zone between the Kazakhs and the territory captured by the Kalmyks. The border zone was a place of tough confrontation between the warring parties, moving from one to the other. There was a prolonged and bloody war, the two sides were won with varying degrees of success. According to legend, the 15-year-old daughter of the Kazakh khan – Kanykey acted in a military campaign. There were 40 nukers in the retinue of the khan’s daughter. They were the girls-archers who didn’t not directly engage in hostilities and tracked leaders of enemies and straightly shot them, causing significant damage to the enemy. When Kalmyks’ Khan lost a certain part of his military leaders, he decided to create a special squad to destroy the squad of girls-shooters. Selected armed squad, consisting of one hundred dzhigits-kalmyks, getting around the flanks of Kazakh troops attacked the girls. But girls fight back to the sudden attack. During the battle the horse of Kanykey was wounded and the girl remained walking. Kalmyks realized that she just would not give up, and began firing her from a bow, and they killed Kanykey. Kazakh troops found in their rearward an enemy unit, then destroyed it, in revenge for the death of Kanykey. Giving her life for the honor of the people Kanykey was buried, paying homage as a batyr. At the place of burial, a red brick tombstone was erected. Over time, rain and snow, dust and winds the tombstone was leveled to the ground. But in the memory of people the brave warrior’s heroism has not been forgotten. The place where the tomb of Kanykey was called Orkendeu.

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