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Mazar of Yedige bi is located near the Yeltay village, Yerementau district, Aqmola region. Yedige bi Tolebaiuly – is a famous bi, orator. According to legends, the future lawyer was born in the family of Tolebay batyr in the XVII century. According to the information of Mashhur-Zhusup Kopeev, Yedige Bi Tolebaiuly was a descendant of Aidabol. Expert of the steppe oral tradition, Mashkhur-Zhusua told the following story of Yedige bi, when he saw Tole bi village, he said admiringly: “On the country of fair bi the arguments will not be extended, on the ground of a fair king enemies will not go.” In the tract Murintal, on the territory of the rural Zhanatletsk district, there was installed a huge stone, which is popularly called as the stone of Edyge bi “Yedige bi’s stone.” According to legend, Yedige bi, seated on this stone, carried out its judicial activities, appealed to the people for the union in the fight against the Dzhungar invasion. People say about it: “Yedige bi prices men decided in two words». Yedige participated in the drafting of the code of laws “Zheti Zhargy”. He was a member of the most authoritative Council of biys under Tauke khan. One of his sons, Shon, took over his father’s talent and became a bi. The tombstone, installed on the grave of Yedige bi, was brought from Bayanaul of Pavlodar region.

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