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Uali Khan (1781-1821) – khan of the Middle Zhuz of Kazakhs, the eldest son of Abylai from his second wife Saiman – khanim. From a young age he led over the warriors of the Argyn clans from Kokshetau. On behalf of Khan Abylai, he conducted diplomatic negotiations with ambassadors. The territory of the Middle Zhuz of the Kazakh Khanate ran from the borders of the Kokshetau region to Shyngystau. After the death of the great Abylai, at the kurultai of the Middle Zhuz, the heir to the Uali khan dynasty was elected khan (1781). Mazar is located 2.3 km south-east of the Kazakhstan village near the Karagalpak hill. Mazar was erected in 2008 for the 270th anniversary of Khan Uali. The total area of the monument is 1920 sq.m.

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