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Sakkulak bi is an eminent orator and connoisseur of steppe law, born in 1800 in Akmola district near Korzhynkol and Yereymentau lake.

Sakkulak is the great-grandson of Bogenbai batyr, from 12-13 years old he studied oratory from Bapan bi and took part in the management of the people. From 15 years already independently resolved small disputes. There are numerous oratorical speeches of Sakkulak bi: «Sakkulaqtyń Shokanǵa bergen batasy», «Aqyl tý­raly», «Tort nerseden kashyq qyl», «Bul da bir ǵalymnyń biri edi-aý», «Shyńǵysqa óz aýzynan aıtqan kóńili», «Ǵylym týraly», «Baıdaly bıge aıtqany», «Músanyń ólimine aıtqany» and many others.

Sakulak bi recorded his speeches, as well as the thoughts and sayings of other biys. Sakulak bi died in 1888. He has seven sons left. Of these, Nuraly and Eraly were also biys and orators.

In 2000, over the ruins of the mausoleum was erected a stone sarcophagus in the form of a domed octagon centric composition with arched niches on the faces of the facades. Near the western wall, next to the old stone were installed three new gravestones with the names and dates of life of Sakkulak himself and his two sons.

Mausoleum is located in Ereymentauckom district, north-east of the city Yereimentau

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