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Nurmaganbet Saginayuly is known among the people under the name of “Pan Nurmaganbet”. He was a very wealthy man, he was engaged in breeding horses and loved hunting. The mausoleum of Pan Nurmaganbet is located on the outskirts of Aksu village, Akmola region. During the visit to Omsk to Nicholay II, heir to the Russian throne, the future Emperor of the Empire, in 1891, the Pan Nurmaganbet put a big white yurt and gave the king 1000 horses. The decoration of the yurt was so great that at the beginning of the XX century it was exhibited first at the All-Russian exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, then at the EXPO in Paris. Currently, the yurt is kept in St. Petersburg, in the Hermitage. As a believer, Pan Nurmaganbet made a pilgrimage to the Holy Mecca 4 times. In 1908, when he arrived in Mecca, he especially bought houses in Sham (Damascus), so that pilgrims from Kazakhstan could stop and relax after a grueling journey. In order to promote the faith, he built a wooden mosque in his village. Information about the rich funeral feast in 1886 in honor of his father – Saginay is preserved in history as a feast that unites the three Kazakh zhuzs. For the funeral feast 500 new white yurts were prepared, and the same quantity of new Bukhara carpets were bought. For gifts to guests 500 Bukhara shapans were brought. 5 tons of tea was used, dishes were brought from Tashkent and Kazan. In addition, 10,000 blankets and pillows were issued and manufactured. More than 500 furs were delivered from Siberia. 20,000 head of sheep and 100 head of horses were sacrificed. Nurmaganbet provided financial support to the leaders of the “Alash” party – Alikhan Bokeihanuly, Akhmet Baitursynuly, Mirzhakyp Dulatuly – in the noble goal of uniting the Kazakh people.

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