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Mazar of “Kos Beyit” is located near the village Terisakkan of Zhaksyn district of Aqmola region. The legend tells that once the vicinity of the mausoleum was in the possession of a rich man, whose orders were not discussed. Тhe Bai has a daughter of unprecedented beauty. Numerous livestock of the rich man was shepherded by a young man, protecting it from the wolves and barymta. The shepherd was highly in love with the beautiful daughter of the owner, and she also showed sympathy for the guy. A young man through the wives of his brothers – zhenge – agrees with the girl about the meeting. But the girl’s father finds it out. Bai, indignant that the slave who serves him for the sake of a piece of bread and meets his only daughter, then the bai gives the order to beat the guy. Being near death, the guy dreams of his beloved and, having regained consciousness in the house of a distant relative, prepares a plan to take away his beloved. Having prepared horses, having agreed with the beloved, one day he steals it. But bai, who followed his daughter, finds out about the escape of the young and sends the chase after them. Soon the fugitives are overtaken. Everything happened in early spring, during the melting of snow. Terisakkan river is spilled because of the abundance of water. Seeing that they are surrounded, the young, without hesitation, rush along with the horse in the seething water. A strong current carries away lovers. The father, despite his anger, when he saw that his daughter could die, tries to save the fugitives. Only a few days later the river carried the bodies of lovers. The heartbroken father realizes that he was wrong, that he did not let the lovers be together. Regretting the deed, he decides not to separate them and buries the bodies next to the river, which takes their lives.

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