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The mausoleum of Kyzyltam, a monument of religious architecture of the early XX century, is located on the left Bank of the Yessil River, in the South-West direction, in 7 km from Zharkainsky district of Aqmola region. According to local legends, a rich merchant Akhmet Tankeev is buried in the mausoleum. One day, the merchant didn’t wake up and people around, thinking that he died, buried him. After a while, the voice of Akhmet began to be heard from the grave. After consulting with the ecclesiastics his close people opened the grave and the risen Akhmet came out. Relatives, seized by superstition, kill him, thinking that he is possessed by demons. Later they realized that Akhmet really “slept deep”, but it was too late. So Akhmet was buried for the second time and a mausoleum was built. For the first time in 1955 archaeological expedition of Aqmola region under the leadership of Akishev K. A. explored the mausoleum of Akhmet. The mausoleum of Kyzyltam, according to legend, was built by the builders of Turabay and Rapay by order of merchant Akhmet Tankeyev. The walls are smeared with liquid clay, lined with rectangular cast bricks, reinforced on both sides with baked bricks. The front walls on the four sides at the four corners are broken. The biggest destruction in the brickwork is visible in the South-Eastern part of the building in the direction of the dome. On the surface of the facade walls of the building on the vertical perimeter in combination with a rhombic pattern there is an inscription in Arabic – “Allah”. The Central square of the facade is filled with dark bricks with rhombic patterns and decorations.

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