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Kabanbay Kozhakululy is one of the great commanders in the war against the Dzungars. His real name was Erasyl, which means precious courage. His father Kozhakul batyr gave him that name. People called him Karakerey Kabanbay. Also he had several names. He was called Izbasar – the next heroic way of his father. Narbolu – a young athlete, with the strength of camel, then Daraboza – the first among equals. He became Kaban after Daraboza – who was continually disturbing the enemy. The name Kabanbay widely entrenched among people, later it became a battle-cry. Kabanbay lost his father when he was 7, and lost his brother at the age of 16, who died in Dzungar- Kazakh war. The young man entered the enemy’s camp and killed the Dzungar batyr to avenge his brother’s death. Growing up in military-aristocratic environment, Kabanbay knew warfare tactics well; he was a master of close-handed fight. This helped him to gain some credibility. Kabanbay started as an ordinary soldier He was noticed and recommended to zhuzbasy – the commander of the detachment from hundreds of warriors. After a while zhuzbasy was entrusted to lead a regiment. After that a brave mynbasy became tumenbasy – commander of the large military unions. Kabanbay became a leader of National liberation army. He led the troops of Kazakh militia together with Bogenbay, Zhanibek, Otegen and other batyrs. In 1723 – the year of great disaster-Kabanbay was appointed as the head of defense of sae’ed capital of the Kazakh khanate – Turkestan. Besides military campaigns, Kabanbay batyr participated in peaceful affairs, for example, organization of Kazakh-Chinese trade. In 1745 he was one of the biys, who expressed a desire to join Russia and came up with this request to Imperial government, assuring Russia and their support in the battle against the Dzungars.

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