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It is known from history that during the reign of Kenesary Khan there were unrests between the Kazakhs and the Kyrgyz, which could develop into a conflict between folk. To extinguish sparks of discontent and not to allow the flame of enmity to flare up was possible thanks to the diplomatic abilities and oratory skills of Bogenbay bi. He was an adviser and trusted representative of Kenesary khan. Possessing not only eloquence and tact, and at the same time he was also an excellent warrior, who easily overcame enemies who encroached on the integrity of the Kazakh land. For valor and courage, honesty in the people he acquired the title of a public defender. The future expert of the steppe adat was born in 1761 in Zerenda district. He received his name in honor of the glorious commander Bogenbay Batyr, known not only in the Kazakh steppe but also abroad. In merit for his legal work people gave Bogenbai bi the second name “wise – knowing”. Kazakh land was rich in talents. Skilled commanders, great speakers, brave warriors, fair and wise biys deservedly enjoyed respect among the common people. Evidence of the highest honors of the people to the skill of the worthy son was the prefix “Az” meaning “the best”, “true”. Bogenbay bi differed his intelligence and wisdom and it is not surprising that the people called him Az Komekey Bogenbay. He was honored to see and communicate with Abylay khan, as well as personally participate in the councils and national meetings with Kenesary Khan and his batyrs. Bogenbay bi died in old age-at the age of 105 years. In memory of the wise soothsayer, bi and noble speaker in 2006, in Zerenda district, near the village of Bogenbay bi, the mausoleum of Komekei Bogenbai bi and Togayuly Az Batyr was installed made of red brick. The height of the building -7 m

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