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The mausoleum of Bektemir sufu, a Muslim preacher, is a unique monument of religious architecture of the XVII-XIX centuries. The monument is located in 11 km to the North-East of the village Zhalmankulak, in 26 km to South-West of the village Yegindikol, on a hill in the tract Koskol. The mausoleum was erected after the death of Bektemir sufu. Inside the octagonal dome volume of the mausoleum, the chamber is a narrow corridor with an overlap in the form of a three-bladed arch. The tomb itself is not preserved. There are trees near to the mazar and people, a long time choosing them as senders’ hopes, tied to the branches handkerchiefs, yarns, scraps, believing that their wishes will come true. According to legend Bektemir sufu had the gift to heal people from illness and he was very devout. The extant legend contributed to the sacralization of the object, making it a place of pilgrimage for the afflicted.

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