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Baubeck batyr (1690-1760) was in the division of Kenesary Kassymuly. He took part in all the wars of those times and urged people to adapt to a settled way of life. Batyr originates from the Argyn tribe. The greatest warrior Baubek was leading the army of thousand soldiers of Kozhabergen in destructive wars. Later, they became commander-in-chief of the thousandth division of Bogenbai batyr.

When he was nine, he lost both parents, which is why Kenesary’s first wife Kunymzhan raised him up. Time by time he participated in battles and carefully performed responsible assignments. At the age of twenty, Baubeck married the daughter of the famous wealthy Akkoshkar Saydaly. She was originally from Altai.

The scientist Yermukhan Bekmakhanov began to write about Baubek batyr. In 1995, writer Akhmetzhan Baizhan published a book Bektauyl Baubek batyr. It contained a biography of Batyr and described in detail the revolts of Kenesary with the participation of Baubek batyr.

The batyr participated in the uprising until the end. The Kyrgyz soldiers captured him when khan died. His descendant, Myrzagali Duisembekov, published in Dala tany newspaper the legends of the people, describing how Baubeck could escape from imprisonment.

«Early Kazakh and Kyrgyz nations often fought among themselves. When a woman was twisting the yarn at home, she saw a young man running away from someone. This fellow turned out to be a Kyrgyz, who fled from the Kazakh army. The woman felt sorry for the boy and hid him under the stove, covering it with a fur. Moreover, she continued to twist the wool. After some time, the Kazakh troops came. They asked if she had seen the person running away. The woman did not want this person’s death and lied them. «Maybe he went that way», she said, showing them to other side. The soldiers said, «But we saw that he ran this way». Nevertheless, believing the woman’s words went to another direction.

«You are very young; your life is just beginning. Find your nation». She gave him a horse and sent after his nation. After a while, this young man found out that in their captivity son of this woman Baubeck batyr, who was in the division of Kenesary. Hearranged with guards and paid them. He let Baubeck batyr go. Kindness is never in vain. The kindness of batyr’s mother was paid back saving her son’s life. The Kyrgyz youth said, «This is all I can do for your mother.» He gave the horse to the batyr and sent him to his land». (The newspaper «Dala Tany», 1993).

After the return, the batyr lived peacefully in the outskirts of Terisakkan. However, the Russian officials did not leave him alone because he was considered as a rebel, who supported Kenesary’s uprising. As punishment for this, he was sent to Siberia, in Tumen region. After leaving his motherland he knew that he could not return. He cut off his little finger and buried it, because Baubeck wanted his body to be in Kazakh territory. When he died, the batyr’s descendants built the mausoleum on the spot where the his finger was buried.

The village Kyzylty, which is located in southern side of the village of Zhaksy and the southern coast of the river Yesil, was renamed in honor Baubeck batyr in 1993. The mausoleum is placed near the Yesil River and was made of bricks.

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