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Birzhan Sal-akyn, singer, storyteller, golden voice of the steppe. He had a beautiful and expressive voice, for many akyns and singers he was a teacher. Each performance of a talented singer of the XIX century was accompanied by a resounding success. Birzhan Sal sang in his songs the joys of life, the beauty of love, sang about what his people worries about. And the anger and contempt are heard in the songs “Zhanbota”, “Adaskak”. At an early age, Birzhan Sal Kozhagululy became famous as a singer with outstanding vocal performance masterfully accompanying himself on the dombra. More than forty of his songs have survived to this day. His fate was tragic. The public favorite, the free singer was almost broken, put on him the circle of slander and gossips, announcing his craziness. The seal of tragedy are marked the songs of the last years of life “Zhambas sipar”, “Temirtas” and others, imbued with despair and sadness. Birzhan Sal was also an unsurpassed master-hand of aitys. His poetic competition with Sarah Tastanbekkyzy, which took place in 1871 in Semirechye, became a classic of the genre. In 1946, the composer Mukan Tolebayev based on this aitys wrote the Opera “Birzhan and Sarah”, which included the main songs of Birzhan. People from all the outskirts of the country, near and far abroad come to the memorial complex of the free steppe bard Birzhan Sal to pay tribute to the memory of the akyn. The memorial complex was built at the entrance to Stepnyak of Enbekshilder district and is an architectural composition in the highest place of the city. The central part of the architectural and memorial complex is occupied by the sculpture of the composer, six meters high. The sculpture is a figure of the great akyn, standing on a high pedestal, in the hands of dombra – his eternal companion.

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