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Nurmaganbet Baymyrzauly, better known as Baluan Sholak – Kazakh folk composer, singer, master of riding, famous wrestler, invincible athlete. At his young age, he was nicknamed Baluan Sholak — a wrestler without fingers. In his childhood he lost his fingers of the right hand, frostbited them. His whole life was spent on Kokshetau land. Father Baimyrza was an artisan on wood. Outstanding ability in the martial arts of Baluan Sholak, presumably, were passed on the maternal line, from the mother Kalampyr. Since 14 years he had been engaging in wrestling, he was very strong also in trick riding, perfectly stayed in a saddle. At full gallop he got up on the croup of the horse, circled on the saddle, without reins on the move could fall under the belly of the horse. On spectacles held in Kokshetau, he shocked everyone lifting weights 51 pounds – 830 kg. In 1899 at the age of 35 Baluan Sholak accepted the challenge of the famous wrestler Ivan Poddubny and during the fight broke his rib. But not only the power he was awarded by nature. Baluan Sholak from childhood joined the art, sang beautifully, masterfully played the dombra. After the death of his parents married a girl named Ganikey, traveled to villages, gathered around a capable, talented young people. Creation troupes and ensembles became the job of Baluan Sholak. He was a great performer and promoter of songs of Birzhan Kozhagululy and Akan Sery. Famous songs of Baluan Sholak: “Ashily-Airyk”, “Baluan Sholak”, “Dikildek”, “Kokshetau”, “Kosalka”, “Kos baraban”, “Zheldirme”, “Kulan kisines”, “Taldy-Kul”, “Kos perne”, “Kenzhe konyr”, “Saryn”. Especially popular the song among the people was “Galia”, singing about a bright feeling and telling about love, as well as the heroic song” September ” with a characteristic melody. A commemorative monument to the Baluan Sholak was built in the village of Vozdvizhenka of Bulandy district.

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