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Kosagaly Toleuly Batyr – a contemporary of Uali Khan of the Middle zhuz, was born in Kokshetau in 1740. Kosagaly Batyr, according to legend, had a mighty power, had a heroic physique and high height, inherited from his ancestors – 276 cm. His burial is 4 meters in length. The famous composer Dauletkerey devoted to a legendary warrior of his instrumental work – kui “Kosagaly”. In Akmola-Kokshetau area people still may meet the toponyms and hydronyms with the name “Kosagaly”. People come to the burial place of Batyr, which is a place of pilgrimage, to pay tribute to the memory of the hero. Father of the batyr – Tolek was a very rich man and had nine thousand horses. In 1723-1730, during the exodus of the Kazakhs from the Dzhungars “aktaban shubyryndy”, Tolek assisted compatriots who had fled from the horrors of war. He gave the refugees land and cattle, saving them from starvation. For the kindness and generosity the inhabitants called him as Bayanuly bai Tolek. Kosagaly was awarded the highest respect among the Tatar rich men and Omsk officials, he was reckoned and they came to him for advice. In a sign of high honor in Omsk, the Governor gave him a “gold coat” of a sable, which is still kept by his descendant Doken Bokanov as relics. The mausoleum of Kosagaly Batyr Toleuly is located on the Azat mountain of Zerendy district of Aqmola region.

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