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Kapital is the first fitness club in Kokshetau designed according to international standards, starting with high-tech equipment and ending with a well-thought-out layout of the training space.

Monobrand club “Capital” is the first sports facility in Kokshetau, created in accordance with the world standards of the fitness industry. The club is designed on the basis of advanced zoning technologies for training space and is equipped with premium Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment.

On an area of 800 sq. there is a spacious gym, classes for group programs and a fitness bar.

The gym implements the concept of placing journey simulators, developed by Life Fitness. The space here is divided into several zones, for each of which simulators are selected in accordance with the goals of clients and their level of physical fitness. This zoning allows you to quickly find the necessary equipment, as well as to build your training sessions as efficiently as possible.

To work out isolated muscle groups in the strength training zone, hammer Strength Select stack simulators are installed. The free weights area is equipped with classic Life Fitness benches and racks, Hammer Strength exercise machines loaded with disks, and the hammer Strength HD Elite weightlifting rack.

The cardio zone has Elevation simulators with Explore consoles. There is also a unique PowerMill step-climbing simulator designed for ultra-intensive training. Row GX rowing machines that simulate the natural resistance of water, as in real rowing, are available in the gym for highly effective training of the muscles of the whole body.

In addition, the hall has a complex for functional training Synrgy360. It combines several stations, each of which is equipped with convenient mounts for accessories. The complex offers a huge number of exercises and their variations, as well as their quick change.

Now sports fans in Kokshetau can appreciate the highest quality fitness!

Total area: 800 sq. m
. gym Area: 400 sq. m.
Cardio: Life Fitness Elevation with Explore console, PowerMill.
Power: Hammer Strength Select, Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded, HD Elite rack.
Group Name: Synrgy360.
Opening year: 2016.

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