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The museum settles down in an ancient part of a city along Chapaev str., 32. In this district, at the bottom of the hills, on the bank of lake Kopa the birth of Kokshetau in the first quarter of the19 centuries began. The museum building is a monument of history and is under state protection. In the end of 19 and at beginning of 20 centuries here there lived a family of the future statesman of the Soviet epoch of V.V.Kujbyshev. In days of the Great Patriotic War in this house settled down the rear hospital for wounded soldiers of the Soviet army. After war in there has been opened V.V.Kujbyshev’s museum which in 2000 has been reorganized in a city history Museum. You can find in chronological sequence the basic marks of history of Kokshetau in a museum exposition, since the moment of its basis in 1824 and on the present. Museum funds store more than 11 thousand exhibits. Among museum exhibits the most interesting to visitors is the car of the American mark “Cadillac”, a bicycle of DM of “Durkopp”, dated the beginning of the 20 centuries, and also ancient kinds of a cartage – winter sledge and a summer droshky.

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