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“Kokshetau” palace of сulture works since 1970. This is the main cultural center of Akmola region, where all social, political and cultural events of urban and regional scale are held. In 2001, the reconstruction was carried out, the total area of the palace was 4822 m². There are 4 halls in the palace: the auditorium (for 600 seats), an exhibition hall, a dance and ballet halls. Every year about 100 events are held in the Palace of Culture. The palace employs 30 teams, it is – more than 1000 people of different ages, from 4 to 70 years. In the palace of culture of Kokshetau, a special place is occupied by the work of 10 groups with the title “People’s” and 4 exemplary groups. In addition, as part of the palace, dance ensembles are engaged in honing their skills, an orchestra of pop and jazz music works. It is customary to hold festive concerts, contests, festivals, amateur art shows, theatrical performances and youth actions in the palace.

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