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Lake Bolshoe Chebachye is a wonderful world. It is not for nothing that a huge number of tourists from all over the world come here every year. Huge rock. there is a rich animal world with more than 300 species of individuals, and there is no need to talk about the variety of fish in the lake, because many people come here just for fishing.

Bolshoe chebachye-fisherman’s joy
No wonder the name of the lake comes from the name of the fish. In the waters of the lake you can see a large number of freshwater fish. This is carp. Striped bass, whitefish, repus, crayfish that live only in fresh clean water. their movement can be easily observed directly from the coastline. The lake, due to its transparency, can be viewed to a great depth.
Fishermen set up entire tent cities here. Fish are caught directly from the shore. From boats and small Islands in shallow areas. Lovers of spearfishing will get real pleasure here. After all, the lake is not only transparent, it is also almost completely devoid of underwater vegetation. Which is very convenient for fishing. Huge carp, carp, tench themselves go to your hands.
The coast is protected from the winds by pine-birch massifs and the almost kilometer-long mountain Kokshe or sinyukha, as it is popularly called. Hence the romantic name of the place Sinegorye. It is quiet in winter, not hot in summer. In winter, you can go winter fishing, because the lake is securely frozen almost until April.

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