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Estate of the Forester in the village of Krasny Kordon of the Zerendinsky district.

The estate of the Forester was built according to a standard project by military workers of the kokchetavsky order in the period immediately after the first forest management in 1898.

There were about 40 such estates on the current territory of Kazakhstan.
Currently, two are preserved – in the Karkaraly national Park and on the territory of the Zerendinsky branch of the RSU SNNP “Kokshetau”. Forestry estates were located in state-owned forest districts organized under the Ministry of land and state property after 1882.

Along with the estates were the so-called services, which included: a house for servants, a stable, a well and a basement.

Small arboretums were set up next to the homesteads, and one or two houses were set up for the forest guards.

In the period before 1914 (before the beginning of the first World war), such typical forest estates were built under all state-owned forest districts in the territory of the Russian Empire.

According to available information in the Russian Federation, such estates have been preserved in the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Amur region. There is no other information about such estates.

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