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Perhaps one of the best lakes in Burabay. Truly beautiful with a beautiful beach, which is “dotted” with forest thickets. Next to it is a small village called Katarkol, which is often visited by tourists. In addition to it, there are also a couple of other lakes, but at the moment we will tell you about lake Katarkol.

Regarding the lake – it is not deep, only 5 meters, it is probably the “smallest” in the whole Borovoe in terms of depth and size. The average depth of the neighbors of this reservoir is usually 9 meters, there is of course a distinguished one, this is pike, its depth is 18 meters. The water in it is crystal clear, but the coast is not quite, in the sense that the North-Western part of it is completely overgrown with reeds and reeds. Despite such thickets, the lake still remains clean.

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