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The Museum of Sagadat Kozhakhmetovich Nurmagambetov – Hero of the Soviet Union, first Minister of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Halyk Kaharmany No. 1, General of the army was opened on the personal initiative of our famous countryman at the district library named after him. Abay in Akkol, Nurmagambetov str., 67.19 July 2007, the presentation of the Museum was held. All exhibits are provided by S. K. Nurmagambetov. The Museum has more than 200 documents and belongings of the General. Among them: the PCA machine learning with a dedicatory inscription from the chief of the General staff of the Armed Forces, Kvashnin, personal things of General tablet holster, pot, flask, tunic, trousers, peaked cap, rank of General, trophy watch 1946 anniversary gifts from the Presidents of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine with a dedicatory inscription, the diorama “Battle on the river Pilica” (Poland), after which it was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. One of the valuable exhibits is a machine gun “Maxim” issue in 1944, which was presented by the Ministry of Defence on the opening day of the Museum.

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