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A unique butterfly Museum has appeared in the village of Zerenda. Its creators are a skier and a dancer.
Two years ago, President of the Ski Union of Kazakhstan, participant of 18 world Championships in cross-country skiing, honorary citizen of the Zerendinsky district, associate Professor of the Department of the faculty of tourism and sports of the Kokshe Academy” Valeryi Sharov came to visit his friend – choreographer from Atbasar, honored worker of culture Ortvin SCHLOSSER (in a picture). I came… and I was stunned. I saw that on the shelves everywhere in special homemade boxes are crowded collections of butterflies.
– I grabbed my head, how can you keep them at home without showing anyone? Sharov recalls.
The answer was simple – for a Museum that would display about three thousand unique specimens, there is no suitable room in the area.
Sharov promised to help a friend. Now the first entomological Museum in the country and in the CIS countries will be in Zerenda, in the resort area.
Enthusiasts are building a butterfly Museum with their own money, since there were no other people willing to invest in this business.
According to friends, the Museum will open its doors this summer. For forty years, Schlosser has collected a unique collection called “Lepidoptera” from different countries.
Meanwhile, Valery Sharov wants to open another exhibition in the Museum – a ski one. After all, in his collection of more than thirty pairs of old skis, which have long been forgotten.

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