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The Museum was established in 1967 as the people’s Museum of the Mariinsky uprising and was located in 2 rooms of the rural House of culture. In 1977, in connection with the opening of the Marinovsky district, the Museum received the status of a regional Museum of local history.

Since 1986, the Museum occupies a three-story typical building with a total area of 1449.0 sq. m. the first Director of the Museum was Usyk Sergey Nikonorovich. The permanent exhibition has existed since 1987 and includes the following halls: the nature of the region, paleontology, archeology, culture and life of the Kazakh people, the Kazakh khanate, the civil war, the Great Patriotic war, collective farm construction, the rise of virgin land, 70-80-ies, modernity.

Since 2015, a partial re-exhibition of the Museum’s halls has been carried out in stages.

Museum-as one of the centers of culture in the village is the initiator of rural holidays, The Museum operates a cinema hall where films are shown for state and national holidays. One of the village residents ‘ favorite holidays is the “Night at the Museum” event.

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