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The small town of Atbasar located in the Akmola region is closely associated with the name of the famous Kazakh writer Ilyas Yesenberlin. Atbasar is the writer’s hometown, and being already world-famous, he often came here, not forgetting his countrymen. It was here in the writer’s Homeland that the Yessenberlin Literary Museum was opened in 1999. The son of I. Yesenberlin took an active part in the organization and opening of this Museum.
Poet, writer, and mining engineer Yesenberlin began to study prose quite late, for his not very long life, he managed to leave only 15 novels. However, books by the outstanding Kazakh classic literature was in demand by readers of all republics of the Soviet Union, they have been translated into 30 languages and reached a total circulation of nearly nine million.
In the hall of the Museum, the interior of Ilyas Yesenberlin’s study, created on the basis of his personal belongings, has been restored in detail. Here is his Desk, where he wrote his wonderful works. The writer’s notebook, notebook and telephone directory, favorite dombra and numerous documents and photographs.

In 2015, it is planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great writer. The whole of Kazakhstan will celebrate this holiday. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the writer Ilyas Yesenberlin is included in the 2014-2015 UNESCO calendar of memorable dates.

By the anniversary of the writer, the Yessenberlin Literary Museum plans to make major repairs to the building, as well as completely update the exposition in the halls. The Museum staff is already working hard to find new exhibits and materials related to the life of the great writer.

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