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“Auliye tas” place can be traced not only for centuries, but also for millennia. Space has its own individual history and purpose. “Aulie tas” is one of the natural phenomena located near the village of Kokterek, 10 km from the district center of Zerenda, which carries its own energy, has its own consciousness and its own mission. This is a hill consisting of layers of natural stones surrounded by trees. The sacred place “Aulie tas” is considered miraculous. There is a legend about the healer Aulie, who was able to reveal the secret of the healing stone, heal people, and restore vitality. According to old-timers during the second world war, the elders and residents sent young horsemen to the front from the location of “Aulie tas”, blessing the soldiers to return to their father’s home in full health.

This place is full of mysteries. They say that if someone comes to this unique place with the intention to find themselves, to look into the hidden world of their true desires, to find peace, then they should tie ribbons on the trees.

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